The resort has something for everyone. It has been designed to entertain families and individuals alike, activities that can keep your kids engaged.

Nature Trek

A Nature Trek is perfect for adventurers who like to stay close to nature. Observe the wild flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The naturalists tailor-make the walk to showcase the different species of birds and animals. At the end of the walk, guests are able to identify numerous birds, have an understanding of many plants and their uses.


Star Gazing

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Taking the time to look up in wonder at the canopy of stars is a great experience, which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.



We all know how romantic and inspiring sunsets are. The fascinating thing about sunsets is that you are never going to see two that are completely alike. Witness mother nature displays the array of colours from within the resort. The calming, beautiful moment will slow down time and free you from everyday obligation.


Kids Corner

All the kids are welcome in the indoor and outdoor play area of our hotel premises where children can find the perfect activities for themselves. Special attention has been paid to make sure that little ones are busy, entertained and happy. Kids can also choose from various puzzles and board games.